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Heike’s guest: ISABEL PARRILLAS, founder of SkaleUp, Silicon Valley

How Isabel, mom of two kids, stepped out of her safe job in the corporate world to start her own business in the Silicon Valley.

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She shares with us her deepest secrets about how she realized that the moment for a change has come, how she found her mission and business idea to start her own business in the highly competitive Silicion Valley and how she started.

You will learn:

  • How Isabel knew it’s the right moment for a change.
  • How Isabel found her unique mission and business idea.
  • What’s her business about. How and whom does she help.
  • How she made the decision to do what she loves.
  • How she finds her work-life balance.
  • What are her experiences as a woman doing business in the Silicon Valley.
  • How she’s mastered ups and downs of roller coaster times. 
  • Why she’s doing what she’s doing.
  • What she recommends to people who aren’t doing what they love.

Below are some helpful links, if you like to contact or learn more about Isabel Parrillas’ business SkaleUp:



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