Are you a „wild“ VisionSearcher?

  • You’re unhappy with your job and your life? You question the place where you’ve arrived in your life.
    You ask yourself: „Is this all there is?“

You’d love to change your life and career completely
 to live the life you dream of.

  • You’re running in a hamster wheel to fulfill all your obligations.
    You ask yourself: „What about what I need?’

You’d love to march to the beat of your own drum 
and go for your needs and dreams.

  • You’re desperate as you don’t know what you really want to make out of your life and career. You feel lost, disconnected from your soul. 
    You ask yourself: „Who am I anymore?“

You’d love to know who you really are, what you stand for 
and what you truly desire in your job and life.

  • You’re tired. You’re going around in circles without making a decision for your future.
    You ask yourself: „What to do next?“

You’d love to feel within which decisions are the right ones to make 
 having your visions and concrete steps clearly in front of you. 

  • You’re afraid of leaving the known behind and entering your unknown wilderness.
    You ask yourself „Why I make myself smaller than I am?“

You’d love to connect with your wild part to feel strong, brave, confident and free 
to stand for your own truth and personal dreams. 

Then you’re right here!
I have some great options for you. 
You discover your unique gifts, you unwrap them and bring them alive to enjoy the job and life you’Re dreaming of.

More and more people take their midlife crisis as an opportunity to restart their life and career living their uniqueness in an authentic and self-determined way. It’s my greatest pleasure to support you on your transformational journey. Therefore I created different options for you how you can work with me, so that you can chose the one which fits best to you and your needs.

Make the first step today to start your visionary journey!

Wildlife Starter Session

online via skype or offline in Vienna

VisionSearcher 35+ PremiumProgram

online via skype or offline in Vienna

VisionRetreat in the NamibDesert

Wild and awesome nature

It all starts with YOU!

Wildlife Starter Session

A break through session where you enter your wilderness zone and connect with your true and wild self. We organize and structure your thoughts and ideas. You get clarity about your current situation, the options you have and the concrete next steps which will lead you to the life you love. 

The process. Your benefits.

  • Before the session you’ll fill out a questionnaire with some introductory  questions about your situation, so that I get a first picture.
  • During the session we focus on getting clarity on your heart desires and current challenges.
  • I support you to connect to your wild and true self, bringing your mindset and energy into a reinforcing state.
  • From this state we develop together options and next steps which pave you the way to live the life and career you desire.

Duration: 60 min.

One time special price for wildlife starters!
125 Euro (excl. VAT)

Let’s start! Book your Wildlife Starter Session now! 

The session will be held via Skype or on-site in Vienna.

„My midlife crisis was the best opportunity of my life. I found myself, a job I love and live today the life I want. Driven by my heart and dedication I want to help you to live your private and professional life fully.“

VisionSearcher 35+ PremiumProgram

For people in their midlife who want to quit their professional path to restart successfully with a job that fulfills and a life they love. 

In my 3-months PremiumProgram VisionSearcher 35+ we start entering your wilderness zone. I support you exploring your wild, true and unique self. Then I help you getting clarity about the job you love and where you see yourself in some years.

We define the concrete next steps you have to do next to pave successfully the way for the life you’re dreaming of. The program contains three phases „Your Journey into Your Self“, „Your Visionary Journey“ and „Your Visionary Roadmap.“

The VisionSearcher 35+ PremiumProgram offers you:

  • 1 Wildlife Starter Session to define well your personal objectives of the program.
  • 6 sessions of 90 minutes each (via Skype or personally on-site in Vienna).
  • Email Coaching support between the sessions.
  • Journaling to sharpen your personal awareness for your inner process and to manifest your outcomes and results by writing them down. You receive the structure of the reports from me.
  • I give you my personal feedback as sparring partner for your reports.

As a bonus:

  • Individual task sheets between the sessions to deepen your inner process.
  • Personal feedback as sparring partner on your answers. 

If you’re inspired and you feel ready for a change, click here to arrange an appointment with me (via Skype or offline in Vienna) to check if it’s the right journey for you:

Yes, I want to know more. Let’s talk. 

VisionRetreat in the NamibDesert

A magical journey to explore your deepest dreams and discover new ways to live a fulfilled and meaningful life!

Wild and awesome nature + creative VisionCoaching + inspiring female energy

I invite adventurous women and men who long for a meaningful and fulfilled life to an extraordinary VisionRetreat experience in one of the most marvelous places in the world: the Wolwedans Collection in the private NamibRand Nature Reserve. It’s part of the oldest desert in the world.

In a reign of silence and beauty I  lead you on an unforgettable transformational journey to the depths of your soul. You connect with your deepest visions and dreams and I help you to turn your dreams into reality. In the heart of the Namibian desert you will explore your heart’s desires, your soul’s purpose and discover ways to realize your dreams. You get answers to three relevant core questions: Who am I? Where do I want to go? How do I get there?

A good balance between time for yourself, precious time with like-minded women and men, powerful and creative VisionCoaching activities in natural settings and doing nothing transforms the VisionRetreat into an extraordinary experience full of inspiration, personal growth and relaxation.

Enrollment Doors will re-open in 2018.

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Special requests:

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  • in case you’re a group of friends who’d love to book this transformational guided journey together as a group.
  • if you dream of rewarding yourself with this extraordinary retreat in a face to face setting with me to work focused on your inner journey and future alone.

We gonna make your special wishes happen!

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