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Are you in one or more of the following situations and you want to get out of them?

  • During the last years you climbed up the career ladder. It has always been your dream to be in a management or top management position. But your aren't satisfied and happy anymore. 
  • You feel empty within. It feels like that you have lost some parts of yourself, for example the joy and passion you had for your job and life before. 
  • Often you asked yourself if you're doing the job only for money or if the job is still giving you purpose and joy in your life.  
  • Every day you are challenged to stay true to yourself and your values and not being part of political games within the company.
  • Being indecisive and thinking forth and back is taking away a lot of energy from you. You feel stressed and tired.
  • You don’t know if you want to continue this job, to change the company or to do something completely different?

Then you are right here!

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Hi, I’m Heike. As a Vision-, Life & Business Coach I love to help you to become the most authentic version of yourself and to bring your professional and private visions alive.

Visionfinder _ Programm_Heike Kolles

Hi, I’m Heike. As a Vision-, Life & Business Coach I love to help you to become the most authentic version of yourself and to bring your personal and professional visions alive.

I know very well how it feels like having climbed up successfully the career ladder but suddenly not knowing anymore if the job, position or company are still  the right one or not.

After I got my international management diplomas from the ESCP Business School in Paris, Oxford and Berlin in 2000,  I participated at a global leadership program in an international company based in Italy.  Then I joined a global Management Consulting company and worked in an executive leadership position.

And suddenly I knew deep inside that I didn’t want this life and this job anymore. But in the same time I absolutely didn’t know what I really wanted. I was lost, frustrated and sad. I only knew: I need to change and start something new!  


I lost lots of my energies thinking forth and back what I should do. 

But there was one „GOLDEN KEY" I hold in my hands: Deep inside I knew that I can find my answers ONLY WITHIN, not in others or in books.

After I have started my intensive inner visionary journey I came to the point that I took important decisions to change my life to live the life I really wanted. Therefore I quit my executive position in 2011.

During this time I reconnected to my inner fire. My passion for psychology, personal development, dancing and spirituality was lightened up again. After my international coaching certification my own business „Visionsmanufaktur“ was born.

And today I live my life in my own rhythm following my values and desires. I can say: since then it has been the best time of my life

In 2012 I started my own company Visionsmanufaktur. Since then I have  supported people on their individual journey to themselves, their "Why" and unique visions. 

As I know how much life quality, satisfaction, energies and health you get when you live your „Why“ and follow your personal visions, it’s my „Why“ to share my passion to inspire and support you unfolding your own potential and dreams.

I love to challenge my clients to think big, to allow themselves to cross their limits and comfort zones to make the seemingly impossible possible and to live the best and most joyful version of themselves.

That’s why we are here! 

Join me on this visionary journey!

With my personal transformational experiences, my coaching education, business and intuitive skills I have already successfully helped a lot of people during the last seven years: 

Quitting her employee job to start her own business in the finance sector
Thank you, Heike, with all my heart for your coaching including the ritual! I am so happy having met you and having made this experience with you by my side! And thank you for your patience and empathy. Since the coaching I feel much more relaxed, freer and more future-oriented! A great feeling! I finally started my own business. Thank you again!

senior financial manager - 43 years, austria

Professional re-orientation due to a Banking restructuring program. 
Thanks to Heike I have again better clarity, structure and self-awareness regarding my private and my further professional career. During the coaching we worked out together my heart’s desires, especially in my professional field. I learnt very valuable tools to recognize my strenghts, values and abilities.

Through Heike I got to know different approaches to make the change I wanted to have in my life happen in a target-oriented and autonomous way. I was guided with a lot of empathy and dedication. 

bank manager - 43 years, luxembourg

Creating new visions for the „Golden Age“ phase. 
Heike helped me a lot to guide me through my inner chaos: First I got clarity I’m doing the job I love. Second I got aware about my desires and strengths as a woman and to take more care for myself. Then I learnt to let go the old so that the new can come in. As a consquence I felt much relief, inner peace and a new form of freedom.

theatre and Stage director - 70 years, germany


Start your visionary journey today!

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