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3 Tips on how to ground yourself and find your inner balance in stormy times!


Guided grounding meditation to download for free!

We can only expand our visions as far as our roots are going into the earth.

Imagine you’re a tree with strong and deep roots. Now a storm is coming. As a consequence one or the other branches may fall off and you will lose many leaves. But in the same time a new opportunity arises: For example, you can create a whole new treetop formed by new branches and leaves. And all of this is only possible if you have really deep and strong roots, if you’re well grounded to withstand the storm. As a result: the more you’re grounded, the more you‘re in your inner balance, the more you’re connected to your inner voice. The more inner strength you have, the more trustful and powerful you’re to make your visions happen, especially in stormy times. Therefore it is so important that you ground yourself.

Today I give you three tips on how to ground yourself so that you can find your inner balance in a short time even in the midst of a storm.

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Before I start with the tips, I would like to show you a few examples for not being grounded:

  • When you’re sitting a long time in front of the PC or you’re using for a long time your smartphone or tablet.
  • In case there’s a lot going on in your head. You feel that you aren’t well connected to your inner center, your inner voice and intuition. And you feel like being detached from your inner power and source.
  • Or you have a lot of ideas, but you somehow get lost in these ideas.
  • Another situation is when you are very busy. You’re running in a hamster wheel or losing yourself in activities.
  • You feel very tired, worried and stressed.

#1 Tip: Go into nature, pay a lot of attention and enjoy forest bathing and you strengthen your connection with the earth.

„There’s an eternal power and this is green.“

This quote is from Hildegard von Bingen. And maybe you’ve already read something about forest bathing. Forest bathing originally comes from Japan. And there are scientific studies showing that a walk in the forest strengthens the immune system, regulates the pulse, lowers blood pressure and also reduces stress hormones. Therefore I strongly recommend that you visit the forest again. If you’re in the forest and there are gravel paths, just walk away from this path and feel the real forest floor under your feet. And if you want to go one step further take off your shoes and stockings and consciously walk barefoot on the forest floor. Then close your eyes. In addition dive into your feelings and feel the connection, the strength and the support that this floor gives you. Another way to dive deeper into the forest is by hugging a tree. Close your eyes and imagine thatenergy flows from the tree to you. It is a very special feeling.

#2 Tip: Ground yourself with a meditation to deepen your roots and raise your trust.

In this paragraph I want to encourage and inspire you to meditate, as meditation is a very effective tool to arrive at your inner center and to ground yourself well. So that you can practice the grounding meditation immediately I recorded a guided meditation for you which you can download for free here.

On top I’ll give you some information on the structure and content of the meditation here. If you like you can also join me directly. First you close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and imagine that deep roots go through your feet into the earth. Go as deep as possible. Second inhale and imagine how you absorb a lot of energy and strength through these roots and how this energy goes through your feet, into your body and spreads throughout your body.

Go as deep as possible. Take a deep breath in and out.

Third, when you exhale, imagine that all your worries and fears flow away by running through your body, going through your feet, into the roots, and then relinquishing all of this to mother earth. You do this in silence, ten to 15 minutes. As a result you will see that you can find your inner peace and strength in a short time. I integrated Solfeggio sounds into the guided mediation so that the meditation is even more effective and deeper. Download your guided meditation here.

Grounding Meditation_iphone

Find trust, inner power and balance in stormy times by grounding yourself !

Grounding Meditation for free

In this wonderful (and free) guided 13 – min grounding meditation supported by Solfeggio sounds you transform stress, fear and insecurity into trust, inner power and balance to create and realize the visions you deeply long for.

You can download the meditation in English or in German depending on what you prefer.

#3 Tip: Humming to connect within and to mother earth

Now you may ask me: „Heike, please, should I really hum?“ And I tell you very clearly: „Yes!!“ Because your voice is a healing instrument. There are scientific studies that prove that your own generated vibration regulates the pulse, lowers blood pressure and also improves sleep. And you don’t have to be a musician or singer to hum.

You can also combine humming with a meditation. This can be a short meditation of three or five minutes. It helps me to go even deeper. Now I would like to invite you to join me in a short humming exercise. You go back into the meditative state, you close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Breathing out you just start to hum. And then you breath out as long as you can and you continue to hum. You do it until you feel quieter and the sound fades away on its own within.

Ground yourself by joining me in a humming experience now on Youtube!

If the description isn’t that clear for you and want to see how I do it or you want to do it together with, go to my video and start watching at minute 7:47. Before joining me in the humming experience get into a meditative state as described above. After that click below on the link or on the picture below and you will be guided to my video and jump into minute 7:42.

Yes, I want to do it with you.

VisionBlog_3_Humming_to ground yourself

When you have completed these exercises, I’m sure you’ll have already noticed that you’re more connected again to your inner center and you’re feeling calmer now. So you’re grounded and connected to your inner power. I think these are great ways to relax and recharge your energies in a short time, even if you’re in a stressful meeting or before a stressful meeting. Then leave the room for some minutes, find a quiet place, set the intention of becoming more relaxed and calm and hum very quietly. And you’ll notice how you feel more relieved, centered and grounded in a short time.

And if you want to know more about humming and to dive deeper, I recommend you a book written by Jonathan Goldmann. He has been an expert in this field for 40 years. And his book is called „The Humming Effect“.

Imagine yourself again as a tree. I’m pretty sure that you’re a strong tree now deeply rooted in mother earth. No storm can bring you out of your balance.

In conclusion I wish you great grounding experiences. And you can integrate the grounding meditation into your day. You can do it in the morning as morning ritual to start you day or to prepare a good sleep at night before going to bed. If you haven’t downloaded yet the meditation, don’t miss this great opportunity and download it now. Select the language you prefer:

If you want to dive deeper into knowing more about how to find opportunities in stormy times have a look on my other English blog article „5 Opportunities that will help you to emerge stronger from the Corona crisis to create the life you really want“. If you prefer to watch it in form of a video click here for my VisionShow on YouTube and don’t forget to select subtitles for English or any other language. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

I would love to read from you. Write me an E-Mail to: or share below in the comments which of the exercises helped you the most. I read all the E-Mails personally and no one else has access to this account. I’m looking forward to reading from you!

Much love!

Heike Kolles

Vision-, Life & Business Coach | Founder of Visionsmanufaktur
Double Master in Management – ESCP Business School (Paris – Oxford – Berlin) | certified solution-focused Coach | certified Career Coach | certified Spiritual Coach | registered Management Consultant

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