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5 Opportunities that will help you to emerge stronger from the Corona crisis to create the life you really want!


Tips and inspirations!

Currently we’re living in a time that is very much focused on the Corona virus. It’s definitely an extremely challenging time for all of us worldwide. During the last ten years I have experienced three big personal crisis in my life. (You want to know more about how I got out of my personal job and identification crisis, click here and watch the portrait video.) All the three crisis had something in common: I emerged from it stronger, more resilient and wiser. I was more ME in my inner pure essence. I believe also, the deeper we fall and the more we dive into the shadows of life, the higher and stronger we can rise with respect to our personality. Therefore I am very much convinced that also this time the Corona crisis offers great opportunities for us, if we can see them, and if we use them. Today I would like to share with you the five opportunities I see.

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#1 Opportunity: Get closer to yourself again.

During this time a lot of distractions you had before in your life aren’t there anymore. You’re thrown back on yourself. Use this time to dive deeper into your personality to understand  yourself, your strengths, your values and personal needs  much better. So often you were running through your life not having taken time to understand who you really are and what you really want.

Therefore ask yourself now questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What differentiates me from others?
  • What do I really want in my life, in my business or in my job?
  • What I don’t like anymore? 

#2 Opportunity: Confront yourself with your fears and transform them.

Fears will always be part of your life. The most important point about your fears is: How do you deal with your fear? And what do you do with your fear? At this point I would like to share three tips with you from my personal experiences as well as my client experiences  which have helped to transform fears into courage, strength and hope.

1. Tip: Be aware of your fear and pay attention to it. 

The first step is that you consciously perceive your fear,  that you pay attention to your fear. And that you feel your fear. Furthermore ask yourself: Where do I feel the fear in my body?  I’m sure you know well that very often when we deal with fears we try simply to push them into a corner. Imagine you’re in a house. When the fear is coming your first reaction is to push the fear away from like locking your fear away into one of your rooms. And quickly you close the door. You think the best way to handle fear is to just push the fear away and it will be gone. You don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.

But as you can imagine, and you might even know it for sure, fear will always find its way out even if by passing through the small keyhole.  Or you just open the door a little bit at some point, or someone else opens the door for us, and the fear is  jumping out towards you again. Regarding my experience, the important thing is that we pay attention to our fear and that we give the fear an inner space.

VisionBlog 02_5_Opportunities-to-emerge-stronger-from-Corona-crisis

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2. Tip: Imagine your fear as dialogue partner. 

Then imagine that your fear is like a dialogue partner standing in front of you.  Ask your fear some questions:  Is there anything you want to do good for me? Do you want to protect me from something? What is your purpose behind showing up now?  What do you want to draw my attention to?

And then, of course get data and facts regarding your situation and go into a dialogue with your fear. Then you will see and feel that the fear will start to change and transform.

3. Tip: Review your perspective with out-of-the-box questions.

And a third tip is to ask yourself questions about yourself:

  • Which impact has the fear on you?
  • What price do you pay for feeling this fear right now?
  • And who would you be without your fear?
  • What would be possible if you hadn’t this fear?

If you find yourself now in a situation that you are really not getting along with your fears and your fears are  taking over, you are very welcome to contact me. There’s definitely something you can do about it. I have different methods available which help to diminish and transform your fears.  Even in one or two sessions your situation can look much different.

  #3 Opportunity: Connect with your visions.

Do you think now isn’t the time to think about your visions? That’s wrong! The opposite is the case! Take now the time for your visions and this can be done in two different ways.

In one situation, you may not yet know your visions. I can only recommend you very strongly to take now the time to reflect upon your dreams and future.  Use the free time you have now! Ask yourself the questions

  • What is your vision of your future?
  • Where would you like to be in three to five years?
  • What would you love to do in your future?
  • And where do you want to live?

Engage yourself with your vision. Imagine you are on the open sea on a ship. And your vision is your lighthouse. Currently the waves are very high, the sea is stormy and sometimes you’re lost and you don’t know which direction you should take. Especially in this situation it’s helps a lot if you have your destination in your mind, if you have  your lighthouse clearly in front of you, which is shining the light for you to give you direction. Because this lighthouse stands for your values, for your longings and for your wishes. Therefore I can’t emphasize enough how much it is important, especially in times of a crisis, to have your lighthouse. Think about your vision and what you want! Now!

A second possibility is that you already know your vision. I currently have some clients who are in this phase of  their visionary journey.  One client, for example, is still employed, but he knows that he wants to start his own business. He is using now the time  to write his book and to develop the business concept and strategy.  If you would like to start your own business in future, too,  or you would like to go from offline business to online business, then use now the time to think about your business and marketing strategy now. And you can use the time now to acquire the necessary knowledge, set up a supporting network of people (online, of course) and install the necessary infrastructure of systems and tools, in case you want to enter the online business world.  Maybe you want to start a blog, maybe you’d love to start an online course…, now’s a great time to deal with it!


#4 Opportunity: Let your creativity flow and think outside the box.

It’s really fascinating how many people are developing new ideas at the moment, breaking boundaries, leaving their comfort zone and developing a lot of new products and opportunities. For example, there are completely new platforms where offline shops can now also sell their products online what they have never done before. In Austria, there are farmers who deliver their fresh products people living in the cities by simply leave them on the doorstep. There are completely new ways to keep in touch with friends on private level. For me meeting someone in person will be always the „coronation“ with respect to other contact possibilities.

I’m someone who loves to be in contact. And as this is difficult no, I  us all possibilities I have to be in contact with friends.  With an Italian friend I’ve organized an Italian cooking event, for example.  We were a group of fifteen people from seven different. The friend of mine was the head chief and guided us through the several steps of the cooking process and we did everything together, online. In times like the ones we have, we had so much fun and it was really a balm for my soul.

And how funny that „Corona“ is part of the word „coronation“. Probably we should learn during this period also how precious it is to meet people in person.

#5 Opportunity: Slowing down.

Now you have the opportunity to get out of the high-speed train of life and shift down a few gears. I’m sure you notice how good this is for you and that your body can recover. And this is will definitely strengthen your immune system. And you might notice that you feel yourself much more. I personally do so.  And also my clients make the experience by slowing down that their feelings show up much more.  This is very good, because you feel that you’re on the way to yourself again. And of course, sadness can also arise in this way and a some tears might start flowing. I strongly recommend to be gentle with you in these precious moments and ask yourself the following questions.

  • What do I really need?
  • And what do I not need?
  • What are my own needs?
  • What have I neglected in the recent years, what would have been good for me and what am I actually longing for?

I sincerely hope that you’ve taken some inspirations with you and that you’ve got a new, refreshing view on the Corona time which leads you into confidence, inner strength and clarity to create after or even during the crisis the life you really want.  It’s my objective to knock at your door to help you to change your perspective on the current situation to make the best out of it. And I want to convince you that it’s now the right time to become the captain of your own boat on the stormy sea with the shining lighthouse in some distance.

Write me which opportunities you see for yourself today!

Send your E-Mail to I read all the E-Mails and no one else has access to this account. I’m looking forward to reading from you!

Much love!

Heike Kolles

Vision-, Life & Business Coach | Founder of Visionsmanufaktur

Double Master in Management – ESCP Business School (Paris – Oxford – Berlin) | certified solution-focused Coach | certified Career Coach | certified Spiritual Coach |registered Management Consultant

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