Conditions of Participation

Conditions of participation for the Soft-Launch Visionsmanufaktur contest.

The organizer of the competition is Visionsmanufaktur, in short, Wallnerstrasse 1, 1010 Vienna.

1. Who can participate?
The competition is open to anyone who subscribes to the VisionClub of Visionsmanufakatur. There is no charge to participate in the competition.

2. How to participate?
To participate subscribe to the VisionClub by entering your first name and e-mail address on the Soft-Launch Visionsmanufaktur website and by clicking on the confirmation link you will receive from in your e-mail inbox to confirm your e-mail address. Be aware that the participation is ONLY possible by clicking on the confirmation link you will receive. By clicking on the confirmation link the participants agrees that she/he has read the the participant’s condition and is in line with them. All the subscriptions (respecting #2) until the official launch of the Visionsmanufaktur site will participate in the contest.

3. Can participants subscribe several times?
No, multiple entries are not permitted.

4. How long does the idea contest run?
The contest runs from May 26, 2017 until the moment of the official Visionsmanufaktur website re-launch in summer, 2017. The exact date has not yet been defined. All the official subscription to the VisionClub made in this time frame that meet the above conditions (#2) will be entered in the prize draw.

5. What are the prizes?
The prizes are 5 VisionCoaching sessions of 90 min each. The coach is Heike Kolles. Each prize has a value of 333 Euro (brut). The VisionCoaching session will be made via Skype. If the winner wants to come to Vienna, the VisionCoaching session can be made personally in the office of Visionsmanufaktur. Traveling (hotel, transportation, train, plane etc.) are excluded. The VisionCoaching has to taken in the period of the official launch of the Visionsmanufaktur website until 31. october 2017. If the prize will not be redeemed until 31. october 2017 the winner will lose the claim for the prize. The prize is transferable. That means the winner has the possibility to pass VisionCoaching he/she has won on to someone else, if he/she likes, with respect to the conditions in #5.

6. How are the five winners determined?
At the end of the soft-launch period, the five winners will be drawn by lot by an internal panel . As mentioned in only the participants who will meet the above-mentioned criteria (#2) will take part.

7. How will the winners be notified?
Winners will be notified by e-mail. Therefore we need the e-mail address of the participants. The VisionClub community will be notified about the winners by the newsletter. If a winner does not respond to the notification within two weeks, the winner forfeits his/her prize and another winner is determined. The claim to the prize expires without compensation. There is no obligation to accept the prize. No invoices are issued for the prizes. The prize will not be given in cash.

The VisionClub community will be notified about the winners by the newsletter. Therefore the participants of the contest agree that in case they win, Visionsmanufaktur can communicate their first name to announce the five winners.

Legal Terms:

Copyright and personal rights

By participating in the contest, the entrant confirms that he/she entered her/his personal e-mail address and not the e-mail address of another person or a person who does not exist.
Entrants agree that in the event they win their first name will be published.

Data protection
The e-mail address of the winners will be saved electronically in the Visionsmanufaktur Newsletter system and used by the organizer to e-mail the information about having won the prize to him/her, to send further information of the VisionClub of Visionsmanufaktur. and to use the address for advertising and marketing activities of Visionsmanufatur . Every entrant consents to the use of his/her information to this extent. The approval to save and use the data can be withdrawn at any moment via e-mail.
By participating in the contest, the entrant agrees that Visionsmanufaktur s can use his/her first name and e-mail address in the VisionClub newsletter to inform the community about the winners.

Cancellation of the competition
Visionsmanufaktur reserves the right to cancel or end the competition at any time without notice and without giving a reason. In particular, Visionsmanufaktur will exercise this right if a continuation of the contest cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.

Exclusion from the competition
The organizer reserves the right to exclude entries from the contest which violate data privacy laws, personal privacy laws, copyright laws, criminal laws, or other laws as well as whose contents are offensive, damaging to business, libellous in nature, anti-constitutional, racist, pornographic, or sexist.

Any liability on the part of Visionsmanufaktur for the provision of the technical means for the timely participation in the contest (especially constant access to the Internet pages) is excluded. The organizer also assumes no liability for lost data, especially when transferring the data and other technical defects.

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