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Welcome to the “Everything Is Possible” Zone!

I’m Heike Kolles, I’m here to inspire and support you to discover the job and life you’re dreaming of and to bring them successfully alive.

My speciality is Vision, Life and Career Coaching based on a unique mix of intuition, creativity and strategic design.

What’s in for you?

It’s my passion to connect you with your wild, true inner self so that you explore all your full potential. I’m dedicated to make you aware of your inner beauty and how you can let it shine outside by discovering the job and life you’re passionate about and make it happen in a successful and authentic way. I also broaden the horizon of your future. You get a feeling of who and where you want to be in three to five or ten years.

What can I bring in?

I bring in my empathy, my intuition, my knowledge as certified international life and career Coach, my interdisciplinary professional experiences as former leader and expatriate in the corporate and consulting world, my meditation practice as well as my creativity to help you in the way which fits best to you and your personal needs.

Why I’m doing what I’m doing?

I accompanied my parents during their diseases and when they passed away. Their death was close to me. I smelt, I felt, I saw him. The key message was:

Live your dreams now and 
don’t postpone them to an unknown future.

Therefore my vision is that we all step into our personal power and live our life and profession fully with joy, passion and meaning. It’s my mission to do my best to be an example and inspire and support you on your journey.

Turn your midlife into your wild(est) life!

Are you in? Let’s start!

Are you a VisionFinder or VisionRealizer?


  • You’re unhappy with your current situation in your job or life?

  • You want to make a change?

  • You want to unpack all your passions, talents and youthful energies to live the life you love?


  • You know the job you love?

  • You know the next step you have to make 
in your career?

  • You want to outstand with your application and job interview and negotiate the salary you deserve?

Find trust, inner power and balance in stormy times by grounding yourself! 

Download your free grounding meditation now!

In this wonderful (and free) guided 13 – min grounding meditation supported by Solfeggio sounds you transform stress, fear, and insecurity into trust, inner power and balance to create and realize the visions you deeply long for.

You can download the meditation in English or in German depending on what you prefer.

A film about my personal journey how I turned my midlife crisis into a great opportunity to re-start my life and live the life I love.

VisionBlogs & VisionTalks

Inspirations & tips to find your visions and live a meaningful and joyful life. Check this out!

10 Tips how to start your most authentic and purposeful life!

VisionFinder Strategy Session

  • You’re unsatisfied? Tired?

  • You know you have to change something in your job or career, 
but you don’t know what and how?

  • Your thoughts and doubts are circling restless in your head?

Then book your VisionFinder Strategy Session today!

In a 60 min breakthroughsession you enter your wilderness zone and connect with your true and wild self. We organize and structure your thoughts and ideas. You get clarity about your current situation, 
the options you have and the concrete next steps which will 
lead you to the life you love!

A one time special price: 125 Euro (excl.VAT)

The session takes place online via Skype or offline in person in Vienna.




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