Acknowledging to be in a midlife crisis, facing your challenges and fears demands courage. Only their courage and decision to start this journey with me to dive into the unknown of their own wilderness makes my personal vision come alive:

To go for our dreams and make them happen! Now!

Let yourself be inspired by their stories. And after reading, if you still aren’t sure if this is the right moment for you to start a transformational journey or if I’m the right coach for you book a Wildlife Starter Session with me.

10 Tips how to start your most authentic and purposeful life!

„Heike Kolles was recommended to me by a good friend – during a difficult time for me. I wanted to change something in my life – but I did not know what, nor how. After the first session in Vienna, I got to know another side – a forgotten side – of me. Every single session brought me closer to myself. I became more courageous, more honest to myself and rediscovered the joy in life which I had lost by the overflowing daily routine and social „rules“.

Heike helped me become „ME“ and to live my passions. The tasks assigned to me via E-mail between the intensive sessions stressed me initially because I fought within against certain development processes, but Heike motivated me not to give up.

Together we succeeded that I took the first step for MY future after having studied business administration and worked as a managing director in a successful mid-size company which I founded myself. But then I felt it was time to follow my true passion. With only one year of training I passed the highly recognized exam to become a master pastry chef in Vienna with distinction at the first attempt. I turned my dream and my passion into my profession!

I’m looking forward to the further intensive cooperation with Heike and would like to thank her this way for her motivation, her professional organization of the sessions and assignments, and tell her – a truly fantastic woman – thank you!“

Managing director of her own, medium-sized company who became a master pastry chef,
31 years

„I remembered what it was like at the same time, exactly one year ago. One year ago I wasn’t feeling well in my life and my new leadership position. I became head of department and had to lead a mid-size team the first time in my life. I felt very challenged and asked myself if I’ve all the skills.  Today I see how I changed in a positive way and how everything around me changed over the course of one year and what my situation is like now.

Heike helped me a lot: I learnt the better I know and be myself the better I lead my team. The more I integrate again my passion for music and building guitars into my life, the more positive energy I have, the better leader I am!


I am very grateful that I did this VisionCoaching Program and that YOU were my coach. I would like to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your help and support.  

And, one goal for the next year is that I want to continue my education in guitar making. :)“

Additional Remark: Since then, great guitars have already been created. 🙂

Mechanical engineer, head of department in an international American organization, 40 years

„Before my VisionsCoaching program I felt empty. I was without ideas and lost in the application jungle. I didn’t really know what to do next. I was not sure if I should go back to my old life as a lawyer or pursue my career as a passionate actor.

My goal was that I wanted to know where my life journey would take me and where my potential lies. With Heike’s help I found more clarity: I know who I am and what I want. The mists have cleared. With Heike’s help I found clarity. Some patches of fog keep coming up, but I know that the sun will shine again later :-).  

The program has helped me recognize my strengths and above all accept them. It was important for me to understand that I am the way I am. That may sound very funny, but it was very important for me. Furthermore, I work very eagerly to focus and prioritize my projects as an actor. I’m very thankful that I decided to continue working as an actor.

The biggest challenge during my vision journey was to praise myself for what I have already achieved, to continue working on „My Thing“ and to be patient. What struck me most in the program was to realize that for many years I’ve always done the right thing and listened to my inner voice. Only this comes to mind: Heike helps!“

Actor, 38 years

„When I decided to participate in a VisionCoaching Program with Heike, I was in a very difficult private and professional situation, I can say in a midlife crisis. I got divorced and in the same time I had to make important career decisions.

With a lot of patience, empathy and still a certain amount of challenging, Heike helped me a lot to finally explore my professional and private priorities. The sessions with her were very exciting, instructive and sometimes very touching. She helped me a lot with her professional and human competence. Much has developed in the right direction since then. 

I can recommend the Visionsmanufaktur and VisionCoachings with Heike to anyone who is currently in a crisis or interested in his or her further development, be it personally or professionally!“

 Senior physician in the hospital and medical doctor with own practice, 40 years

„Heike Kolles is a certified coach in my Career Advisor Academy in Hamburg. She faces her clients with the qualities of an excellent hostess: with the utmost respect, with the best manners. She creates an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable, in which they can abandon old patterns of behavior and break new ground. Her professional style of questioning, her distinct sense of empathy and her keen eye for values help her clients to see an old situation with new eyes – and develop a coherent vision for their future.“

Martin Wehrle, „Germany’s most famous career & salary coach“ (Kurier, Vienna), bestselling author, founder of the career consulting academy


„Heike helped me with her empathy and focus to find a win-win situation for a big conflict I had with a colleague. I was annoyed by a colleague with whom I work very closely at a strategic level. I was looking for rational arguments as to why silence would be the better solution. But inside, things continued to nag and didn’t let go of me. Being caught up in my daily work routine, I could not imagine how the difficult situation with my colleague could be solved without much noise. When I knew neither forward nor backward and ultimately became increasingly dissatisfied, Heike, with a few simple exercises, opened up completely new perspectives.

She has the gift of reaching the true core of problems with purposeful questions. I slipped into different roles, looked at the conflict from different angles. This meant that I suddenly saw the situation with completely different eyes and therefore I found a way to solve it. In a sensitive and at the same time very focused manner, Heike led me from an initially lose-lose situation to a true win-win solution. I have a very good relationship with my colleague today. I am very grateful to Heike for her support.“

Managing director of an international consulting firm, 40 years

„Heike helped me a lot to guide me through my  inner chaos: I got clarity I’m doing the job I love. I got aware about my desires and strengths as a woman and to take more care for myself. I learnt to let go the old so that the new can come in. I felt much relief, inner peace and a new form of freedom.“

Theatre and stage director, 70 years

„It is very important for me to thank you with all my heart for your coaching, the time spent together, workshop including the ritual! I am so happy having met you and having made this experience with you by my side! And thank you for your patience and your empathy, to provide so much space for our individual topics! That was not self-evident! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

It was a turbulent and eventful year for me in which many emotions and feelings dammed up… But since the workshop I feel much more relaxed, freer and more future-oriented!!! A truly great feeling!!!

And the ritual helped me a lot as well! When „the negative“ literally dissolved into smoke and ashes and some blocking energies inside me dissolved as well. Although I can’t explain exactly why – as always there are skeptical people around me who scrutinize everything and then say „well, that wouldn’t be the right thing for me“ – but I can say for myself that I needed this very urgently, especially this year, and it helped me a lot. A very special afternoon of which I have very fond memories!!! Thank you again!!!“

Senior manager of a company who started her own business in the finance sector, 43 years


„The work with Heike enabled me to reconcile my goals and values. Heike understands very well how to empathize with the person and to adapt the coaching to the individual needs. She conveys a positive mood and identified my strengths and personal attitude. How significant the adherence to this is just became clear to me through the vision journey. I recommend everyone to take a VisionCoaching PremiumProgram, as it gave me a very useful orientation for the professional and personal career.“

Student of Business Administration

„We see the Marriage VisionCoaching Retreat as a great and highly meaningful way to maintain a long-term, high quality marriage. It is very easy in a relationship to start taking things for granted, to become egoistic and lose the understanding for the partner. Therefore the individual exclusive retreat for only the two of us was a significant step for us towards a better and more beautiful relationship.

Through the retreat, we’re much closer again. We’ve again developed more understanding for each other and we’re much more respectful to each other.

We communicate in a more respectful and cordial way. It was especially important for us to become aware again how important the decision to marry still is for us. That was only possible because you guided
us in a very structured way and with a lot of empathy, and challenged us at the important points, and directly addressed difficulties with us.

The retreat was important for us towards a relationship that is now better and more beautiful again. We’ve already decided to repeat the retreat because our relationship and our desire to grow old together are simply worth it.“

Married couple, both employees in international companies, early 50s

Many thanks to Heike that she followed our very special request to guide us through our spiritual wedding ceremony. It was a very very nice wedding ceremony, very harmonious and very atmospheric. That’s what we wanted, and that’s how it turned out. We also received a lot of feedback from our friends and family that they experienced it that way, too. As already mentioned, I was particularly pleased that so many of the young guests experienced the same.

But above all: it was very, very nice for us!

This is your merit. You have guided us well to and through the topic of the wedding ceremony by your preparation. Only in this way it was possible that we became clear in a number of points, what we want and what we don’t want. As we had to consider it so deliberately, we also knew exactly for the crucial points what fits to us and how we would like to have it. You more than achieved this. Thank you! We both were sure that it would be good with you. We hadn’t any doubts for any second.“

Married couple, early 50s, both employees in international companies