VISION TALK – Secrets of visionary people

Get inspired by people around the world to make your visions happen!

The VISION TALKS are inspirational interviews of visionaries, game changers, dream realizers, soul followers and risk takers.

Visionary women and men share with you their deepest secrets about how to: find your mission & vision, realize your dreams, master crisis and challenges, follow your soul path, embrace self leadership and and authentic and conscious lifestyle. The goal is to live a life full of joy, fulfillment and purpose.

They come from various professions fields having one thing in common: the passion and drive to live their visions. Together we dive into their personal story and inner visionary process. Enjoy! If they can do it – YOU can do it, too!

I hope that the inspirational interviews remind you of your own unique gifts and inspire you to stand up for your own dreams. It’s now the time that you make them happen to live the life you love: with passion, spirit and intuition.


VisionTalk03 with Thomas Rippen


VISION TALK with Thomas Rippen: How he quit his "safe" job as commercial employee and transformed his love and passion for horses into his full-time job as riding instructor for classical traditional and natural horsemanship. [...]

VisionTalk03 with Thomas Rippen2020-03-12T13:03:14+01:00

VisionTalk02 with Theresa – Inama – Buschmann


Get inspired by visionary people around the world to make your visions happen. Mompreneur Vision Talk with CEO of Cajoy: How to start your business? Mompreneur Theresa Inama shares in [...]

VisionTalk02 with Theresa – Inama – Buschmann2020-03-12T13:04:36+01:00

VisionTalk01 with Isabel Parrillas


Get inspired by visionary people around the world to make your visions happen. Heike’s guest: ISABEL PARRILLAS, founder of SkaleUp, Silicon Valley How Isabel, mom of two kids, stepped out [...]

VisionTalk01 with Isabel Parrillas2020-03-12T13:05:30+01:00
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