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10 Tips how to start your most authentic and purposeful life!

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
Your purpose of life is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso

I’m Heike, a Vision, Life and Career Coach and founder of Visionsmanufaktur:

The place to be to bring your visions alive.

My midlife crisis was the best opportunity of my life. I found myself, a job I love and live today the life I want.
Driven by my heart and dedication I want to help you to live your private and professional life fully.

You feel like being in a midlife crisis?

  • You feel unhappy with your job and your life?
  • You know you have to change something but you don’t know what and how?
  • You feel stressed and tired. You only work the way others want it to. Your own needs are missing out. You might have already forgotten what your needs are.
  • Or you might have already an idea about your next career step or dream job. You would love to stand out with your application, convince in the job interview to get your dream job and to negotiate the salary to earn what you deserve?

If one of this describes you, then you’re right here!

It’s my passion to help you to turn your midlife crisis into your greatest opportunity to live your wild(est) life that you truly desire:

  • being clear about your own desires, dreams and visions.
  • feeling deep inside which is the job that brings you fun and fulfillment.
  • being connected with your true, wild self.
  • feeling grounded in your personal power to take the courage to live the life and job you love and to go through an application process and job interview with ease and success.
  • living a life to the rhythm of your drums.

This is possible. I overcame a midlife crisis myself and walked through my own wilderness zone:

  • Through deserts when I lost my connection to my soul and true desires in 2008.
  • Through wildlife zones facing the limits of my comfort zone leaving my job as executive manager in a global management consulting company starting my own business.
  • In the rough ocean facing my fears of failure and loss. I had just restarted my business after the death of my father when my mother got the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease. 
  • In the dark dealing with helplessness and farewell when I accompanied my parents during their diseases and their dying process.

During an intensive inner journey I put the reset button and started a new chapter of my life with a new job which fills me with joy and meaning and a lifestyle full of freedom and creativity. Taking support for this journey was the best investment I made in my life. I didn’t only survive. Today I thrive, with a job I love and a  life I embrace.

You can do it, too!

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It’s my passion to support you on your midlife journey to find your answers to the „if and what“ you wanna change in your life, job and career. I’m your empathetic and intuitive travel guide for your inner journey. I help you to get closer to your wild self, your inner source of wisdom. You discover the job and life you desire.

We won’t stop there.

I love to make things happen. That’s for what I’m known for. You get my exclusive, tailor-made support. First we structure all your outcome from your self discovery journey and set up a plan and define clearly next steps to realize your visions, e.g.:

  • elaborating with you a strategy how to quit your current job in the best way.
  • defining with you a career plan to get the job and position you’d love to have.
  • developing with you an attracting business model and marketing concept for your dream business, online or offline.
  • helping you as a sparring partner and mentor. When the sea is rough I support you to overcome your fears and doubts. During lighthouse hours I watch out with you for new visions and perspectives.

What do I bring in?

Working with me you can count on a bunch of very different unique life shaping experiences, competences and knowledge I bring along:

  • My international corporate and consulting experiences in leadership positions.
  • Life coaching and career consulting certifications.
  • Trainings in intuition, acting and spiritual work.
  • Coaching in four languages possible. You chose what is the best for you.
  • My personal journey of overcoming my own midlife crisis.
  • The confrontation with death.

How does this create value for you?

All this allows me to cross with you your wilderness zone with empathy and enthusiasm end-to-end from finding out what you truly want and stand for until bringing it all alive, in your life, business or career.

I integrate your heart, spirit, mind and soul into your self discovery and „making it happen“ journey, so you feel integer with your answers and visions.

Having been with the death in one room, his biggest message was that I have to live my dreams now instead of postponing them to an unknown future.

Therefore I’m doing what I’m doing. I want to inspire and help you to do the same!

The tragedy of life is not death
but what we let die inside of us while we live.

Norman Cousins

My clients come from very different professional fields and job positions. Their jobs range from being executive, medical doctors, employee, actor, director of theatre and opera house, entrepreneur to student and unemployed.

They all share their desire to find out who they really are, what they stand for and how they can contribute in their life and job to live their true self, their passions, talents and values fully.

Don’t wait any longer! Follow us into the wilderness zone!

Let’s start your midlife journey together!

With joy and dedication,


If you want to know still more about me, watch the film
about how I quit my midlife crisis and became a Vision, Life and Career Coach living the life I love or continue reading below.

How did everything start?
How did I recognize that I’m in a midlife crisis?

In 2008 I thought I had achieved everything in my career what I have wanted.

  • One big dream came true: to study at the top ranked Business School ESCP Europe. I did a gorgeous three years double masters program in three amazing cities: Paris, Oxford and Berlin. I studied with wonderful people from all over the world. A great time of my life.
  • Then I did an international leadership program in a stock listed Italian Tyre company. As expatriate I’ve worked in different countries. I was in charge of very interesting and interdisciplinary projects. And – I loved the Italian culture!
  • Some years later I joined a global management consulting company. As  executive manager I had reached one of my big career goals. I travelled a lot to other countries and was in charge of challenging projects in supply chain strategy and change management for several DAX companies.

Everything looked great and successful to the outside world. But deep within, I found myself in the depth of a big midlife crisis and I needed some time to recognize it and to admit it so myself.

I felt very unhappy, unsatisfied, very tired and sad. I was desperate. I had lost myself and I didn’t know what I really want and what I had to do. On top my father suffered the early Alzheimer disease.

In all this inner mess my inner voice whispered me some crucial messages. They’re the fundamental beliefs of my life until today.

Stat1 „You are born with a unique treasure chest buried deep in the ground. It’s your task to find it, dig it out and let it shine.“ Heike Kolles Stat5 „Your soul is on a journey. Every challenge you face is a task to accomplish to grow within.“ Heike Kolles Stat3 „You only find your answers within, not in books or other people.“ Heike Kolles Stat2 „You have all resources needed within to discover and live your dreams fully.“ Heike Kolles Stat4 „Start living your dreams today. Not doing so you lose too much time and energy focusing on the wrong things. Tomorrow life might be over.“ Heike Kolles

The best decision and investment I’ve made in my life:
I started an intensive journey to myself.

A sabbatical, executive coaching sessions and personal development trainings brought me in touch again with my passions as a teenager: people, psychology, spirituality. My treasure chest was found!

But how could I share my gifts with others?

If you are close to death or diseases, you evaluate your life more. That’s what happened to me. My father’s diagnosis of the early Alzheimer disease at the age of sixty three (so he must have had the disease already for nearly 5-10 years) and his death only five years later woke me up. Not only to see that the „pushing the dreams to the retirement phase“ strategy didn’t come true, but to see that life can end or completely be changed the next day, I knew I have to stand up for my dreams and live them now. And I felt here my mission to convince and inspire other people to do the same.

Only two years later my mother got very ill and also she died soon after the diagnosis. This even strengthened my mission again to do what I do today: to support you to live the life you love. I quit the management consulting world and got certified as career coach, NLP Trainer and ICF Coach and founded the „Visionsmanufaktur“ – The place to be to bring your visions alive. Until today I’ve strengthened my intuition muscle with personal coaching.

Don’t postpone your dreams to an unknown future.
It might never come. Your time is NOW.

And don’t forget your hobbies! I love travelling, human beings, photography, horse riding, dancing, cooking, reading books and interior design and the freedom to do it my way.

I hope I ignited your fire within to go for your dreams. If you’d love to have me as guide at your side during your transformational journey, take a look on my exclusive, tailor made options I offer you to work with me. It will be a great pleasure for me to know you and to work with you:




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10 Tips how to start your most authentic and purposeful life!

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